Find out Sarah's plans for the issues that matter the most


Criminal Justice

Requiring former inmates to pay all fines before their voting rights are restored is effectively a poll tax - that's why Sarah supports immediate restoration of voting rights upon successful completion of a prison sentence. Additionally, she opposes the continued use of the death penalty in Florida, and supports The Southern Poverty Law Center's campaign to end solitary confinement in the state. The ultimate goal of prison should be rehabilitation and reintegration into society. 


Sarah supports a variety of measures designed to protect Floridians from undue economic burden, ranging from increasing the state minimum wage to $12 per hour to expanding unemployment benefits and homelessness grants. She also aims to aid small business owners by expanding the state loan program. Finally, Sarah supports Floridian workers' rights to unionize in order to protect themselves from potentially dangerous corporate interests. 



Public education is the foundation of a strong society, and Sarah knows that the key to great education is empowered teachers - that's why she supports the Florida Teacher Fair Pay Act.. She also opposes the Best and Brightest Program, which incentivizes "teaching to the test" and disproportionately favors privileged classrooms. As a recent college graduate, Sarah is uniquely aware of the financial burdens that university students face, which is why she supports broad access to Bright Futures scholarships. 



Sarah knows that renewable energy is the best path to protect Florida's future, both environmentally and economically. She supports tax incentives both for companies constructing new solar arrays and for consumers who elect to switch to renewable energy sources. She also supports a total state-wide ban on fracking. Finally, Sarah believes that fossil fuel workers will be crucial in the transition to clean energy, and will push for investments in their continued training and job security. 



With over 1,000 miles of coast and 4,500 islands, Florida is especially vulnerable to irreparable damage in the face of global warming. Sarah believes that protecting Florida's beautiful natural environment and diverse range of wildlife must be a top priority for the state legislature. She will ensure that the necessary environmental impact studies are conducted before significant legislation is implemented, and will push Florida to do its part in reducing the country's CO2 emissions. 


Gun Control

From Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to Pulse Nightclub, Florida has seen too many lives lost to gun violence. Sarah recognizes that guns can be used to facilitate hate crimes, domestic violence, and other tragedies. As such, she supports increasing firearm regulations that keep Floridians safe, including state-wide universal background checks and limitations on the range of guns available for public consumption. 


Health Care

Sarah supports adding Florida to the growing list of states that have expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Over 15 percent of Floridians are currently uninsured - among the highest rates in the country - but an expansion would bring insurance to at least 800,000 of those people, many of whom are at or below the poverty line. Expanding Medicaid supports Floridians in need, but also ultimately saves the state money by taking strain off of public health facilities.



Florida has one of the highest immigrant populations in the nation. Sarah knows that our immigrants vote, pay taxes, contribute to the Florida economy, and enrich our collective culture. She also recognizes the responsibility of the legislature to protect refugees, recent arrivals, and other especially vulnerable Floridians, so she will fight to defend Florida's Dreamers as well as restore Floridian sanctuary cities. 



Sarah opposes the construction of dangerous, state-wide toll road systems that will severely damage wildlife populations as well as harm small town economies. However, she recognizes the economic and practical values of maintaining existing roads, highways, bridges, and other essential infrastructure, and supports allocating funding to their continued upkeep statewide. Sarah will also fight to ensure that all new infrastructure developments going forward are built sustainably with the environment in mind.


LGBTQ+ Rights

As a queer woman, Sarah understands the specific challenges LGBTQ+ Floridians face. She supports the Florida Competitive Workplace Act to prohibit discrimination against any Floridian regardless of their sexuality or gender identity. She also supports transgender people's rights to use whichever bathroom they feel most closely matches their gender identity, and supports the ongoing fight to ban dangerous conversion therapy within the state.


Mental Health

Florida invests less money per capita in mental health infrastructure than any other state in the country. As a result, Floridians - especially students and the incarcerated population - are being underserved. Sarah supports expanding mental health funding to ensure high quality care to those who need it. Improved mental healthcare not only improves the lives of patients, but also reduces crime rates, improves the economy, and builds stronger, happier, more resilient communities.


Reproductive Rights

Sarah believes that bodily autonomy is a fundamental human right. As such, she supports Floridian's rights to access birth control, sex education, and safe and legal abortion. She opposes the state's recent attacks on abortion access, including the 24-week ban, funding limitations, and bureaucratic red tape designed to influence a woman's choice. Abortion is healthcare, and as such should be the sole decision of a patient and their doctor - not of a politician.